Pakistan leads the world in the health sector as Lahore managed to form the biggest children hospital around the globe.

Despite, lack of facilities and technology in the country, the indoor block of the children hospital of Lahore has been started functioning, making it the world’s biggest hospital for kids.

All the modern medical facilities have been installed in the hospital for the little patients.

Also, the play area has been formed for the kids in the hospital to make it environment-friendly.

It is the first time that any children hospital, worldwide, is comprised of the playing area.

The indoor block has about 683 beds reaching the total amount of the beds in the hospital to 1100.

In the new block, Intensive Care Units (ICUs) have been made, all with the modern equipment.

About 16 operation theaters and ventilators with 85 beds are also the part of the newly formed block.

The budget of 2 billion rupees has been expended on building the block, making it world’s biggest children hospital.

Both severely ill and healthy ones visit the hospital; the healthy children come to the hospital for the growth development and proper immunizations.

Also, 450 doctors, 600 nurses and 900 paramedics have been appointed in the new block.

To keep the proper care of hygiene, the system of sterilization and laundry has been developed.

The establishment of this new block is undoubtedly a great addition to the health sector and will provide the citizens with good medical treatment.


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