Trainee doctor in Agha Khan hospital gives wrong injection to pateint

A patient died in Agha Khan University Hospital’s ICU after the trainee doctor gave the wrong injection to him, as claimed by his son,

In a video that appeared on social media, a youngster lambasted the administration of Agha Khan University Hospital for assigning a trainee doctor the task of looking after a patient in ICU (Intense Care Unit). Only 15 days had passed since she started working in the hospital but she was working in ICU even being inexperienced and treating the patient who was in a critical condition.

Female trainee doctor gave the 40 mg injection that should be of 4 mg.  The doctor ran away from the scene and didn’t come back after the patient had collapsed. The hospital administration was not even able to arrange the ventilator as it was pretending to give CPR to an already died person. The victim also claimed that it was a condition of the VVIP ICU of Agha Khan Hospital which boasts the status of being one of the high standard hospitals not only in Karachi but also in Pakistan.

Why Doctor escaped the scene and didn’t make a reappearance If the cause of death was not the injection.  Although, the hospital administration has expressed its condolence for the family and ensured to investigate the situation but would it be able to make for the loss that has occurred due to negligence,

This case is not the only one example as came into limelight because the victim family was educated and understood the mishap that led to the death of their patients. The incident took place in ICU; we never know how many poor people die because of the carelessness of doctors and exposure to quacks, in hospitals in Pakistan where health situation is quite pathetic.


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