WWE Wrestler Mustafa Ali on not representing Pakistan

Pakistani-American wrestler Mustafa Ali came into limelight after his debut in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and stunned everyone with his impressive performance.

Mustafa who has managed to bag victories on 205 Live and maintained his image of a good guy is now under the harsh criticism on behalf of Pakistani fans for not taking the Pakistani flag to ring. His act of not representing his fatherland during the WWE is deemed as unpatriotic by his Pakistani fans.

To explain his stance, Mustafa Ali took to Facebook and revealed why he didn’t consider himself necessary to be wrapped up in a green flag and show at every victory from where he belonged.

I don’t care for Nationality, I care for unity

He said, “Fights for a groundbreaking character that will people of all backgrounds prosper and move past the limits of preconceived ideas.”

Would this Pakistani Hulk be able to make his way into WWE

The athlete admitted that his family was from Pakistan, and he was born in America, but both didn’t define him.

We just hope that people understand what he wants to say while representing his thoughts on nationalism, patriotism, and unity of the entire human beings and don’t grant hin a tag of a traitor. The very fundamental reason he didn’t bother to take the Pakistani flag at WWE was, his intent to represent unity and not the one country only.


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