Yalghaar leads Mehrunisa

The both local movies Yalghaar and Mehrunisa We Lub You released this Eid, managed to gather much audience’s attention and dominated the box office despite the release of four foreign movies alongside them.

Yalghaar though did the greater business of about Rs.17.5 million on the first Eid day and Rs.24 million on the second day. The war epic film is directed by Hassan Waqas Rana which portrayed the lives of those involved in the military.

On the other hand, Mehrunisa We Lub You slightly lagged behind from Yalghaar as the movie did a business of about Rs.11 million on its first day of release while Rs.17.5 million on the second day.

Yalghaar being much successful than Mehrunisa was expected as the former’s story from its trailer looked much stronger with the more efficient cast than the latter one.

Mehrunisa We Lub You was just another romantic-comedy movie as its trailer depicted. These kinds of movies have been produced quite much by the Pakistani cinema in the past couple of years too like Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, Namaloom Afraad, Karachi se Lahore and Wrong No. etc.

According to the Super Cinemas general manager Khorem Gultasab, Yalghaar got the occupancy of about 99 percent while the other one got 96 percent; keeping in mind that 48 percent shows were given to Yalghaar and 43 percent to Mehrunisa.

The war epic film basically gained the attention of young zealous generation while Mehrunisa attracted the families more.

Despite foreign movies’ release, the home movies dominated the box office; which shows that local industry is flourishing in Pakistan.

Though the initial days of release are not enough to decide the futures of both the movies and the real test of both the movies will begin in the coming days.

Maybe, Mehrunisa We Lub You will in the coming days able to cover the slight difference that is being observed between both the movies. 


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