Yarjan Baloch – first ever Pakistani to enter the space for scientific research


Balochistan – a province that has been neglected by the central Governments every time, now seems to be getting a definite place on the screen where the three provinces enjoy the limelight already. It is because theĀ genius Yarjan from Balochistan is going to do wonders in the scientific world.

The highly talented Yarjan Abdul Samad Baloch from Turbat, the city of Balochistan, will uplift his province’s name shortly; as the young Baloch will soon leave for space in the course of the scientific research.

The young scientist will leave for research with European Space Agency at the end of this year. Yarjan’s name has been recommended for scientific research mission by the Cambridge University.

Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad will be the first ever Muslim and Pakistani Baloch scientist who will go into space for research. There is no dearth of talent in Balochistan. However, they only need a chance to showcase their abilities.

The problem arises here that opportunities are scarcely provided to the least populated province of Pakistan. Neither any national political party is active in the province to become the voice of Balochi youth.

As the saying goes, in Balochistan, children walk on gold but usually barefooted, indicating towards the irony that province is though rich with resources but is underdeveloped and poverty-stricken.

Also, the literacy rate of the province is lowest in the entire country; that further adds to the misery of Balochis. Consequently, the young generation of the province got involved in terror activities.

In the midst of all the chaos, Yarjan Baloch has risen as a hero and role model who chose to live and die under Pakistan’s flag. He is currently a Research Associate in the Cambridge Graphene Centre and the Engineering department of the University.

The young Yarjan might not be known by many today, but in nearby future, he will be the hero of the nation being first ever Pakistani scientist to enter the space for research work.


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