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Younis Khan once again strikes, as he shows support towards promoting education among those who fall in the underprivileged class of our society.

A week or so ago, Younis Khan was rewarded Rs. 10 million by Nawaz Sharif, which he donated completely to Edhi foundation and two other organizations. Younis Khan is the first Pakistani cricketer, and the 13th cricketer in history, who has made 10,000 runs during a test series match, against West Indies in April this year.

Today, Thursday, Younis Khan has donated his very own bat with which he completed about 10,000 runs it to The Citizens Foundation (TCF), which is a non-profit organization which helps promote education among those who cannot afford getting educated. It is reported that Younis walked into the office of TCF on Tuesday, and presented his bat to them. He says he donated this bat in order to fulfil a commitment he had made to the organization which he had made in one of his earlier visits.

“”It is only through the support of our well wishers like Younis that we have come this far” says the Co-founder and Director of TCF, Mushtaq Chhapra.

After Younis had presented this bat to the Chief Executive Officer of TCF, he addressed the gathering and explained the importance of education in our lives. He said that education is the key through which we will be able to unlock the potential in our nation. At the end of the ceremony, he was presented with a Plaque as a token of appreciation.

Men like him revive our faith in humanity, he is indeed a gem that our nation has.



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