Pakistan’s first National Freelancing Convention (NFC) held today at Arfa Karim Technology Park, Lahore.

Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shehbaz Sharif, Minister Higher Education of Punjab Syed Raza Ali Gilani, Minister Sports of Punjab Jahanzeb Khanzada and Chairman PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) Dr. Umer Saif graced the occasion.

National Freelancing convention aimed at bringing freelancers together and formally inaugurating the Punjab Government’s e-Rozgar program is a guiding platform for Pakistan’s youth.

National Freelancing Convention

CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif while talking about the importance of E-Rozgar said, “The program is a crucial need of time. Providing jobs to the youth is a challenge that we have to convert into an opportunity by taking such initiatives that would empower our future generations.”

Minister Sports, Jahanzeb Khanzada said, “Youth is our future and our hope, we have to help them and empower them Future of Pakistan, and ours is in your hands.”

While addressing the audience Chairman PITB Umer Saif elaborated how the E-Rozgar program that aims to empower 10,000 young men and women in 36 districts of Punjab through 40 learning centers.

He told that 700 freelancers had earned more than $250,000 in last three years through TechHub, a precursor of E-Rozgar program. Now, the Pakistan has become fourth largest country regarding the number of freelancers.

He also informed that freelancing sector contributes almost $850 million in the country’s economy.

He also shared the success story of Muzammil Arif a young man from lower income background who couldn’t afford to buy a bicycle for reaching his examination center and was compelled to do a job of PKR 2000. The man later started his freelancing career from $5 work per task and now he earning $3000 per month while providing jobs to many other people.

While discussing the challenge of providing 250,000 jobs to the graduates passing out from universities every year, Dr. Umer Saif said, “We would empower our youth by making them a job creator rather than the job seeker.”

Muzammil Arif also addressed freelancing convention and shared his experience how lack of access to opportunities limited him to a 2000 PkR per month job barring doors of further education, but offering skills through the internet to far off employers made him earn a reasonable income and live a dignified life

In E-Rozgar 10,000 young men would get access to the more news.

If one person earns $50 per day, then 10,000 INDIVIDUALS would be able to make $18 million per year.

Today 5000 freelancers would come to Arfa Karim Technology Park and then benefit from the opportunities.


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