Zoe Viccaji's music video Ishq Kinara

Here is a trendsetter in Pakistan’s music scenario in the form of Ishq Kinara video of the Zoe Viccaji.

Singer-cum- artist Zoe Viccaji has expressed every single scene in a theater where audience glues its sight to the stage while backstage tumult causes a distress to the drama team. Acting in all the attires, playing the role of an audience, playing the happenings behind the scene and also the singing, Zoe Viccanji has proved that she is a perfection the time entertainment world where music is more about listening watching than listening.

Being a millennial, I never knew how it was for that time young generation when Zohaib Hassan and Nazia Hassan came up with something different for Pakistani music fans. But seeing the Zoe Viccaji’s Ishq Kinara video just provides and an opportunity to feel how this experience could have been.

The classy video that features the artist playing so many characters at the sameĀ time while switching from attire to attire trying her best to depict the emotion of love in every eminent culture of the world. As for as voice is concerned then we can ignore its slight imperfection for the sake of beauty that has reached us through impressive lyrics and a music video which is undoubtedly artistic.



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