biggest church

Biggest church in Texas closes doors while Mosques open them for victims of Harvey

While the biggest church in Texas closes its doors for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the Mosques are welcoming everyone.
queen elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth plans to announce someone as the next king of Britain, but its...

Queen Elizabeth is planning to announce someone as the next King and Queen of great Britain. And as rumours have it, the next heir of the throne if not Prince Charles!
Mark Zuckerberg election

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, next US President?

Mark Zuckerberg is hiring dozens of political advisors and strategists who have served former US Presidents for their political campaigns. Will he be next US president?
Indian soldiers

Indian soldiers come in support of Muslims against Modi

The retired Indian soldiers come in support of Muslims against Modi by writing open letter to their PM condemning attacks on Muslims and Dalits in country
Nawaz Sharif

US and China not in support of Nawaz Sharif

China and US, indifferent on Panama Case verdict of ex-PMs disqualification and didn't support Nawaz Sharif. China also called it Pakistan's internal matter
China-India Borders clash

Hundred of Indian soldiers killed amid China-India Borders clash

As a result of the China-India Borders clash, about 160 Indian soldiers killed and many of the army personals were wounded.

Hilarious Trump’s handshake debacle

Trump's handshake game is though very strong but this time the Polish First Lady showed that women can turn the game anytime anywhere no matter what
Indian Muslim beaten up by Indian copsvideo

Don’t beat me i am fasting- cried an Indian Muslim to the forces

An Indian Muslim getting beaten up by Indian Law Enforcement agency while he kept on telling them that he is fasting

Saudi forces thwart an attempt of terrorist attack on the Holy Kaba

The Saudi security forces thwart an attempt of terrorist attack on the Holy Kaba by confronting the suspect on time who was hiding in the nearby house
Muhammad Mursi's death

Muhammad Mursi’s death sentence rescinded; Egypt

Muhammad Mursi the ex-president of Egypt's death sentence for breaking prison has been overturned by the Cassation court of Egypt.
Tayyab Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visit will strengthen the bond

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be visiting Pakistan on Wednesday. His visit will strengthen the bond between both nations.
Donald Trump Calls PM Nawaz Sharif

USA can’t go alone without NATO, chief warns the Trump

Nato's chief Jen Stoltenberg has warned the Trump that going alone is not an option as the relationship of US nad EU is cordial to combat security threat.
Hijab wearing female students

Hijab wearing female students face hate crime, after Trump wins

Two cases of assault on the female students wearing hijab in the US have been reported to the Police, following the win of Donald Trump.
Yasin Malik

Indian occupied Kashmir Outcry; Yasin Malik detained again

The leader of All Parties Hurriyat Conference,Yasin Malik has been again detained after he was released a week ago,a period of over two months in detention.
Ban on currency notes in India

This is how ban on currency notes has effected India

India banks became flooded with the people after PM Narendra Modi announced to withdraw circulation of currency notes of 500 and 1000 Rupees.