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Nomi Ansari’s fashion film is a mix of our culture & traditions which is...

Nomi Ansari has just released a fashion film which has given a rich depiction of the Pakistani culture and heritage through traditional wedding designs!

Will the next iPhone have a battery life that runs for 2 days straight?

The next iPhone is expected to have a battery life which is to last for about 2 days on charge, are you ready for it?

10 signs your partner is also your best friend!

Look up here for the 10 signs after which you can conclude that your partner is definitely your best friend too!

Sajal Ahmad is stunning us in this Tabassum Mughal Lawn suit!

Sajal Ahmad is wearing a suit from the Tabassum Mughal festive eid collection, and she's left us stunned! We love her sense of fashion.

Hoodiocre is making the best school batch hoodies and we’re loving it!

Hoodiocre is known for making the best quality batch hoodies for different institutions, have you gotten one for yourself yet?

Saudi Arabia: ban on women driving has been lifted!

King Salman has just lifted the ban on women from driving within the Kingdom, and it is a big step towards empowerment of women in Saudi Arabia!

Hear what students of UCP Law college have to say about the university!

This is what the students of UCP Law college have to say about the university, do you want to join it now?

Minahil Ali’s bedazzled makeup look has left us shook!

Minahil Ali created this sparkly makeup look and we are in love with it. What do you have to say about it?

All you need to know about iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The new iPhone 8 and 8 plus have been launched, with a new device which is one like we've never seen before.

Cricket is a Uniting Force for Pakistanis; describes Peter Oborne

During a discussion on “Cricket in Pakistan" between Peter Oborne and Najam Sethi, the chairman PCB announced that international cricket is coming back.