unsend option

Has WhatsApp finally introduced the “unsend” option for users?

WhatsApp has finally decided to introduce the "unsend option" for its chat box. What are your views about this new feature?
emporium mall

Emporium Mall celebrating a spooky Halloween and it looks so much fun!

Emporium Mall is celebrating Halloween and is inviting all families to come and enjoy it as well! How many of you will be attending this Carnival?
child educational videos

Through educational videos, a young Pakistani changes lives of poor children

With the help of educational videos, a young Pakistani is changing the lives of underprivileged children. Checkout how he is doing
November movie releases

5 November movie releases you really don’t want to miss!

These November Movie Releases are keeping us on our toes... so intense, emotional, and heart touching. Eagerly waiting to have them released!
parlor wali aunty

Things every parlor wali aunty says to you whenever you go there!

Whenever you go to the Parlor, you encounter the parlor wali aunty who literally makes you feel like she's only been waiting for you to come! How much can you relate to all this?