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Metro Feeder Buses in Lahore; Routes and Fare

Metro feeder buses in Lahore and Metro Bus Service (MBS) connect almost every corner of the city, providing a comfortable means of commuting for everyday needs. These red-colored air-conditioned buses carry commuters across 16 routes serving some 150,000 passengers every day.

Each feeder bus can accommodate 28 passengers on the seats in addition to plenty of space for standing commuters. There are 9 seats dedicated for women and 19 for men. There is a total capacity of 80 passengers in the bus; however, amid COVID-19, the government has made it binding to carry as few passengers as possible while maintaining a 3 feet distance between two standing passengers.

In order to match the timings of Metro Bus Service, Metro feeder buses run from 6AM to 11PM.

If you are in Lahore and wish to travel through a feeder bus, you can find it on one of the following routes. For your convenience, we have also included the speedo bus route map under the list.

Route #Route
FR 02Bhatti to Morr Samanabad
FR 03Railway Station to Rana Town
FR 04R.A Bazar to Chungi Amar Sidhu
FR 05Bhatti Chowk to Shadbagh
FR 06Babu Sabu to Raj Garh
FR 07Chungi to Bagrian
FR 08Daewoo Terminal to Canal
FR 09Shamnagar to Railway Station
FR 10Multan Chungi to Qartaba Chowk
FR 11Babu Sabu to Main Market
FR 12R.A Bazar to Civil Secretariat
FR 13Bagrian to Kalma Chowk
FR 14Purana Kahna to R.A Bazar
FR 15Bhatti to R.A Bazar
FR 16Canal to Toker Niaz Baig (Daewoo Terminal)
FR 17Gajjumata to PKLI

Metro feeder buses routes

Metro feeder buses operate under the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA), having its central command and control office in Arfa Karim Tower in Lahore. The feeder route started with 200 buses back in March 2017, comprising 162 standard buses (12 meters long) and 38 mini-busses (8 meters long). The PMA can track and receive live passenger data, financial data, and automatic vehicle location through the driver console installed in each bus. This tracking system ensures the arrival of the next bus in 10 minutes.

There is an e-ticketing system onboard, however, a cash transaction facility is also available on each bus.

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