Pakistan ranks among top 20 most powerful countries in the world

Pakistan has emerged as the 20th most powerful country in the world.

A website, USnews has ranked Pakistan on the number 20 among the most influential nations in the world.

The website ranked the countries in nine different subcategories to choose the best from a total of 80. The categories included Adventure, Citizenship, Cultural influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Open for Business, Power and Quality of Life.

To conclude its report, the website conducted the survey from 21000 global citizens.

In the subcategory of Power, Pakistan has ranked in top 23 countries, here is the complete list.

25. Norway

Being a high-income nation with a safe social security for its citizens, Norway is also a choice for the refugees and migrants who look for more economic prospects in future.

24. Singapore


Being one of the four Asian tigers that rapidly developed Singapore is the ideal hub of business and tourist community. It is a headquarter for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, hence enjoys a significant economic position in the region and the world.

23. Qatar

Qatar that also enjoys the status of being the wealthiest country in the world for its higher per capita income of US$ 128,530 is a major power player in the Middle East. The country is struggling to reduce the impacts of falling oil prices on the economy.

22. Spain

Spain Flag

The country is a significant member of  European Union and possesses a rich cultural heritage due to its diverse history constituted by different European and Asian racial groups and regions.

21. Netherlands

Netherlands Flag

Netherlands is an important European country that boasts the title of being a tolerant society. Its political influence is drawn from the fact that it is a founding member of NATO and EU  and also headquarters International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court.

20. Pakistan

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan which draws its status of being an influential country from its geopolitical position lags behind in prosperity and development due to political instability, corruption, and war against extremism, according to the report.

19. Sweden

Sweden Flag

Sweden enjoys the fame of being a strong vocal for human rights on the international level. The report has ranked the country on number 2 for its citizenship.

18. Italy

Italy Flag

The historic city and tourists hub due to its cultural heritage, Itlay is influential for being the third powerful economy in the world.

17. Australia

Australia Flag

It is the high quality of life that makes this country an ideal place for immigrants and hence a state which is capable of influencing the world politics.

16. India

Indian Flag

Being an emerging economy and home to the second largest population in the world makes India a major power player in the region.

15.  Switzerland


The peaceful country blessed with beautiful natural scenes is the hub of investors due to lucrative banking policies.

14.  Iran

Iran Flag

Being rich in natural resources like crude oil makes Iran a strong economy. Strategic geopolitical position in the region is also what defines its influential position.

13. Turkey

Turkey Flag

Acting as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey also draws its global impact from being a neighbor of Middle Eastern countries combating the civil war.

12. Canada

Canada Flag

The country is also a favorite residential spot for immigrants, but its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is popular among the global citizens and especially Pakistanis for his adorable personality is what keeping the country in headlines.

11. South Korea

South Korea Flag

Being an active alloy to the World powers makes South Korea a strategic player in the region. Further, the state headquarters the major electronic and automobile companies like Samsung, Kia, and Hyundai.

10. The United Arab Emirates


The Federation of seven countries including the key economic players like Dubai, U.A.E  is the favorite destination for businesses and tourists. Trade friendly sea ports are also a plus point.

9. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the leading Islamic country and a leading exporter of oil is influential for being home to sacred places for Muslims, which make up world’s second most followed religion Islam.

8. Israel

Israel Flag

A controversial state that is home to only 8 million people exercises a significant impact on world’s politics and economics.

7. Japan

Japan Flag

The courageous nation famous for recovering from catastrophes like Wolrd War II and Tsunamis is the world’s third-largest economy for its prospering tech-industries.

6. France

France Flag

France has a significant influence on an international level for its rich history, revolutions,  advanced economy in Europe and largest weapon exports around the globe.

5. Germany

Germany Flag

The major player of the World War II enjoys a considerable status in Europe for being a powerful economy and a powerful nation.

4. England

England Flag

The former super power of the world holds significant cultural, social, political and economic impact in the world but its position is likely to change due to its exit from the European Union.

3. China

China Flag

The country is expected to be the world’s largest economy till 2050. China is also home to the world’s biggest population and is likely to emerge as the next super power of the world.

2. Russia

Russia Flag

Russia is rich in natural resources and boasts the status of one of the powerful militaries in the world. The country continues to enjoy the second most powerful country even after the split of USSR.

1.  The United States of America

USA Flag

Robust military, economy, and influence over the world, United States enjoys the status of being of world’s super power

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