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7 major travel destination letdowns

expectation vs reality

You could be one of those people who desire to visit their dream travel destination at least once in their lifetime. Maybe you want to see Spain or France, visit Eiffel tower or sunbath on the beaches of Maldives or Greece. But Don’t let the fancy pictures taken by traveling agencies or shown in movies fool you. Expect something more.

Here are 7 travel destination letdowns which will leave you in shock.

An expectation of a picnic at Eiffel Tower

expectation vs reality

Stroll on the Great Wall of China

reality vs expectation

Relaxing in a Gondola in Venice

reality vs expectation

Relaxing on the beautiful Copacabana Beach

reality vs expectation

Visiting the majestic Taj Mahal

expectation vs reality

Looking at the historical sites of Egypt

expectations vs reality

Sitting on the Spanish Steps in Italy

expectation vs reality

Here is our list of major travel destination letdowns, let us know how was your experience when you went there.

Written by Outlook Pakistan

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