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Religious Scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza dodges murder attempt

Jehlum based religious scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza survived a murder attempt on Sunday night.
The assailant attacked Ali with a knife while he was delivering the weekly religious lecture. The attacker aimed to injure the neck of the cleric, who managed to dodge him with a quick move. However, his hand came into contact with the knife during the move hurting scholar’s arm.

The attendees nearby ran quickly to save Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza from the attacker and caught hold of the assailant.

Ali was rushed to the district hospital, where he was discharged after giving first aid. The religious scholar has already faced a murder attempt in the past.
The police have arrested the two suspects, including the attacker, who has been identified as Shehzad Ali from Lahore. A case has been registered, and the investigation is underway.

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza who is known for his critical stance against other scholars runs a YouTube channel where he lectures on Qur’an and Hadith. The scholar has attracted over 1.4 million subscribers on the streaming channel, where he has published over 1000 videos on religion and social life.

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