Home Guide If traveling to Skardu; must visit the Sog Valley for ultimate peace

If traveling to Skardu; must visit the Sog Valley for ultimate peace

Just when you finish the long and tiring road to Skardu, you end up reaching Kachura, the first village and a gateway to charismatic Shigarthang valley.

Kachura is famous for Upper and Lower Kachura lake, but it also takes you to a little less explored ‘Sog valley’. It was a 20 to 30 minutes walk from our stay point Caprafal – a beautiful and peaceful hotel that is surrounded by Karakoram mountains.

sog valley panorama view
Panoramic view of Sog Valley

The river sog flowing smoothly come straight from the Shigarthang leaves a soothing impact soon as you reach the valley. All the tiredness that overwhelm you after trekking on this rough terrain suddenly goes away with cool breeze and trees all around. The surrounding mountain creates a magical effect.

It’s a no commercial place, and therefore, you wouldn’t find any restaurant or tuck shop nearby. It’s a village filled with natural beauty enough to inspire you.

While you start the journey to the valley, you can find the following scenes. I kept clicking all the way until I reached my destination.

green trees sog valley skardu

sog valley skardu

water stream sog valley

water stream sog valley2

sumaira-mudassar-sog valley
Selfie during journey. Mudassar (L), Sumaira (R)


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