Has begging become a profession in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a third world country, where unemployment is increasing as our education system faces a downfall. Caught up in all of this, the number of beggars on the streets is increasing at an alarming rate.

In a country where inflation is at its peak and the average income for a household is merely Rs. 20,000, it seems almost impossible for a man to support a family. There are several people who are living under the poverty line, and due to lack of educational qualifications, these people take to streets where they start to beg others for money. It seems as if begging has now become a profession.

People of all ages, whether children or the old, are seen begging on the streets. The children are put there to gain pity of others, and the older people depict that they do not have anyone to support them. In return, people give money to them so they may be able to buy food or get shelter for themselves. In the beginning, only handicapped people or those who genuinely couldn’t afford to pay for their family were seen begging. But with the passage of time, there is now a whole mafia developed those with slightly higher authority hire others to beg for them. They relocate the beggars every once in a while and prefer children who they brainwash and train in proper ways for street begging. On average, a beggar may be able to collect about Rs. 1,000 through begging, and Rs. 30,000 on average a month without even having to work. Through proper research, it has been found that the beggars start their day at 7 AM, and end it at 10 PM altogether.

The beggars have even admitted to having special techniques for begging. For example, they beg for a coin of Rs. 1, which hardly anyone ever carries with themselves. In return, the person gives the beggar about Rs. 10. They say, those who beg for Rs. 10 don’t even get that, so it’s better to beg for only Rs. 1. Other frauds have been found who purposely make themselves look like they are handicapped, by tying together their arms or legs on their backs posing as if their arms or legs are missing. Some beggars may even knock on your car window and ask for money, but as soon as they get a chance, they might snatch your mobile phone or wallet and run away.


These beggars are indeed being a great burden on our society. Not every one of these is needy, they are just trying to run away from hard work because begging is easy and bears more money than average jobs. The government is required to look into this social issue. Perhaps increasing the employment rate would help a lot. The government can always allow these beggars jobs such as cleaning, gardening etc. so that they can make a monthly wage for themselves. Begging should strictly be prohibited in the country, as it is in Islam. More schools should definitely be opened so children can get an education and get better jobs in the future. Zakat funds should be donated to those who are actually deserving. It should be our priority that begging as a whole is eradicated from the country.

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