The harmful effects of energy drinks on your brain and heart

Energy drinks consist of stimulant drugs, most widely known of which is caffeine. People of all ages drink these, and as time passes, the consumption of these energy drinks keeps on increasing!

These energy drinks are thought to provide you with “energy” enough to help you get through your work when you’re tired. They are known to boost your concentration, help you focus on your work, and help shake off mental fatigue. Often students from high school consume these drinks in large quantities in order to help lose sleep, so they can complete their work and easily go without sleeping at night. Similarly, elders are simply addicted to drinking these all the time. In short, these drinks are believed to increase brain function.

Research has shown that the above statements are indeed, true. And if they are, then what’s the problem with consuming these in large quantities?


These energy drinks are, indeed, secret killers. Of course, we are told that a certain amount of intake of these energy drinks at one time may prove to be lethal for you, but that’s not at all true. It doesn’t apply to everyone, hence, the more you consume these drinks, the higher chances you develop of having heart problems and cardiac arrest. Increase in blood pressure while consuming these drinks has also been recorded.

Not only do energy drinks mess with your heart, but they severely effect your brain too. The after effects of these drinks may include severe migraines, or headaches, which are sometimes difficult to control. Besides, these drinks are used to diminish sleep so one can focus on his work, however, often people tend to develop insomnia and certain phobias because of over-consumption.  Insomnia eventually leads to increased anxiety and depression for some people, for which medication is required. It is possible that a person may become addicted to prescription medicines due to this.

Energy drinks paired up with alcohol can bear even more severe results. Several deaths have been recorded due to the extra intake of these drinks. Energy drinks and fizzy drinks, both, should be banned especially for minors.

It is better to consume healthy milkshakes and nutritional drinks instead of drinking these energy drinks which offer so many health hazards.

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