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I’m a writer in Business School – Safian Bin Rizwan

Safian Bin Rizwan is a God gifted writer, who can run emotions through us with a single paragraph he writes.

Ever wonder why 33% marks are required to pass your exams?

A lot of students wonder why 33% is required to pass their matriculation or intermediate examination. Here's the answer you want!

The harmful effects of energy drinks on your brain and heart

Energy drinks are widely known to improve concentration and help you lose sleep, but do you know how they are affecting your body from the inside? Find out.

The junk food iftar deals you should avoid!

Several junk food chains are offering Iftar deals which are appealing and are present at very low prices. But should they be devoured or not?

How fasting in Ramadan cleanse and strengthen your body

Ramadan is not only about spiritual blessings, rather fasting helps our body go through a process of body detoxification which is very beneficial.

You will be surprised to know how much Pakistani media celebrities earn

Pakistani actors have managed to gain fame in the domestic and international film industry. This has helped them to increase their remunerations.

Books you must read atleast once before you die

Here is a list of 12 different books one must definitely read at least once in his life time. You will love every single one of them and will enjoy reading.

5 summer essentials every girl needs to carry!

A girl normally has certain things in her bag that she carries everywhere with her, for example, makeup. These 5 summer essentials are my summer picks!

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas you would want to watch again and again

Pakistani dramas have established themselves as a unique brand in the entertainment industry and these 10 dramas definitely contribute to this credit.

TV actress Naila Jaffery, fighting with cancer, needs help

Veteran Pakistani TV actress who has many popular roles on her credit is suffering from the last stage of cancer, she is undergoing treatment in Karachi.

Pakistan ranks among top 20 most powerful countries in the world

Pakistan is ranked amongst 20 most powerful and influential countries in the world according to a US news website's report.