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Do you have an Idea to fight Coronavirus? Government seeks your help

The Coronavirus has infected more than 1.1 million people and claimed the lives of 60,000. But the real damage lies ahead as countries throughout the world will face challenges of hunger and unemployment. To deal with this problem, the Federal government has partnered with the National Incubation Center (NIC) to start a new initiative. A Hackathon where people can submit their ideas and prototypes to help fight the COVID-19 epidemic. These will go under expert analysis, and the best one will be applied to help the people.

Categories for NIC Hackathon  

The Hackathon will allow innovators and entrepreneurs to launch new programs in three major types;

  1. Preventive
  2. Curative
  3. Others

1) Preventive Ideas

In the preventive category, ideas that help the prevention of COVID-19 are welcome. Here people can submit ideas that can help the public gain access to hygienic items and disinfectants, including the production of such equipment and items. Moreover, tracking the progression of COVID-19 and identifying harmful information also fall into this category. So the ideas that can either prevent false information from spreading or might help track the progress of the virus are welcome.

Solutions that help people make their lives easy under quarantine are also included in the preventive category. Ideas for fitness, reducing fatigue, coping with quarantine can be a part of this category.

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2) Curative Ideas

Hackathon presents the Curative category for ideas that can fight the COVID-19. It includes the procurement or production of protective equipment for healthcare providers. People can submit ideas on how to manage the vast numbers of tests and the tracking of hotspots. These two points are very crucial to combat Coronavirus. Individuals with extensive medical knowledge and plan for a vaccine can submit their prototype in the Hackathon.

Plans for the safety of healthcare workers are also in high demand. So people knowing safety procedures can help the government by submitting their plans.

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3) Other

supply chain
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Indeed, there are things that earlier two categories can not cover. Therefore, individuals who believe they have ideas such as virtual education or distributing ration through a supply chain can be submitted here.

This category is boundless, any plan or equipment that can help the public with access to clean water, food, sanitizers, and other commodities can be included. The government is also seeking help to facilitate remote workers to gain employment opportunities.

In short, if you have any idea with a working model or plan, then you can submit it to NIC. After examination, the government will apply it to our social structure and help people get back on their feet. This initiative seeks help from the people to fight Coronavirus and its aftershock to the economy.

Here are the rules for the submission of your idea

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