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3 best exercise machines for weight loss

Recent times have seen major growth in the fitness industry, due to high demand. By percentage, a lot more people are working out today in comparison to a decade ago. The fitness industry is built around losing weight, improving one’s health, and a better lifestyle. As research has indicated for decades, a fitness routine is not just good for the body but the mind as well.

Workout from home

With the current pace of life, it is not always convenient to head to a gym to get one’s body in shape. There are many options for working out at home. One can make the use of exercise machines. Given there are many different kinds that are for different muscles or muscle groups one can be spoilt for choice. Choosing the right one is also a matter of a machine that you enjoy. This helps over longer periods as working out can also get boring at home and being determined can be tough.

Certain exercise machines are built for strength training while others are for cardio. Machines designed for cardio are usually recommended for weight loss.

The 3 for weight loss

1. Treadmill

One of the most common home exercise machines. Today they are a lot more high-tech, with monitoring for one’s vitals along with distance and speed readings. To reduce strain on ones joints it is suggested to run with a treadmill flat. Running on one that has been set to be inclined can be damaging to the knees. If we talk about treadmill price in Pakistan then there is no such accurate price for this machine. Price varies according to different features and models.

2. Elliptical

Designed for a low impact work out, a machine that also engages your arms along with legs. Elliptical machines also work out the core. It can help one burn a large amount of calories without too much (perceived) effort. Another advantage with this is it is easy to be watching something while exercising, so a perfect machine to catch up on one’s TV as well.

3. Rowing machine

Replicating a difficult activity, the rowing machine can also help one burn a lot of calories, give you increased energy and tone your muscles. The compound movement works out most muscles in the body. On average a rowing machine can help burn 600 calories an hour which is more than a lot of other exercise machines.

Other considerations

As with all workouts, one should change it up to supplement other kinds of development. So using exercise machines is great but one should incorporate a bit of bodyweight exercises or some free weights. This helps one develop some strength and stability, both of which are very important. Another point that is important is; form. If one is not exercising with the correct posture it can strain the wrong parts of the body and cause pains. 

Diet and rest are just as important as ones work out. If one is eating the wrong things or the wrong quantity then burning off will be a lot harder. Rest is important for the body to recover, overexertion is real. It can damage one’s joints and also cause injury while working out under duress. A balance, as with most things, is helpful. Exercise, diet and rest have to be maintained within a healthy sphere for better results. This balance varies for everyone depending on their individual body chemistry and genetic makeup.

All three of the exercise machines mentioned are helpful for burning calories and losing weight, which one actually decides to buy is a matter of their budget and which machine they envision themselves enjoying more. Price variation is based on what kind of machine it is, whether it has digital parts or not and lastly the brand that produced it.

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