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Maria Wazir, famous Squash player, maligns Pakistan in her success story

Maria Wazir, a famous Pakistani Squash player, is from South Waziristan Agency – a tribal area in Pakistan. Maria recently appeared at Oslo Freedom Forum where she narrated her struggle and success story which inspired a number of people at the event as well as on social media who went on to the extent of praising the girl for her bravery and determination. However, a careful observation would suggest that her entire story did not look more than a poor tactic to get fame by abusing the country. Following video tells what she said.

From Maria Wazir to Genghis Khan – the boy

She initially told about her transformation to Genghis Khan from Maria Wazir and that after four and half years of her birth, she started living as a boy. The move supported by the parents; but how is it possible that all the four and half years Maria was living as a girl and no one in Waziristan got to know about it? The sane mind doesn’t accept that their neighbors and relatives didn’t know about Shamsul Qayyum Wazir’s two daughters and a son. Didn’t people around them ask about the daughter named Maria, Shamsul Qayyum had and from where immediately his son of almost five-years-old appeared on the scene? Maria’s claim that people of her area immediately got to know about her being a girl after selection in Squash Team seems nothing but a fabrication to get fame as European Media is always up to such stories.

Hurdles in getting education

Later, Maria mentioned about how her mother got the education after marriage, and now she is a High School Principal and her sister being the youngest parliamentarian who is doing Ph.D. too that too in Pakistan. In the midst of the speech, the famous athlete also apprised the audience about her getting the education at home and not going to any school because girls’ education in her area wasn’t allowed and considered as vulgar. But Maria was supposed to be Genghis Khan so there must be no hurdle in her way to school and education back then as she was living as a boy – another loophole in the story. One might also ask the Squash player that if the environment was this rigid, how could your mother and sister studied and if they could, then why you couldn’t?

Ayesha Gulalai Wazir – Maria Wazir’s sister, is a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, an eminent political personality of the country came from the same area as from Maria did. Ayesha if supposedly pursued her higher education in Peshawar as Waziristan wasn’t fit for women’s education then why Maria was educated at home despite her mother and sister going out for getting the education? All these questions of doubt make Maria’s story a fabricated and suspicious one.

Threats from Taliban

Then the remarkable Squash player came up with another point that Taliban threatened her, so she quit playing Squash officially for three years. But the same Taliban let her play at the National level and secure the position? Taliban were there in the country when she played nationally but why did they not threaten her back then? Maria herself stated that she is from Taliban’s region, so it’s not possible that Taliban were unaware of a girl from their town been playing Squash nationally. This creates another question mark on Maria Wazir’s success story, and she seems to be using the “Taliban factor” to support her story and get fame.

Exaggeration in the story

There was much exaggeration in Maria’s speech with lots of twisted facts. She misinformed the audience about the number of martyred students of Army Public School and exaggerated the numbers by stating “thousands of children,” while the numbers were in ‘hundreds.’

Maligning Pakistan

Maria in her speech tried to degrade the shawl and burqa culture in Pakistan which many of fake liberals are expert at. Though she is right in highlighting the points that still there is conservatism in Pakistan and girls are being harassed and bullied, guns and drugs are a norm in Waziristan, but there is a difference between highlighting your country’s problems on an international forum and abusing your country to get fame. Now even in rural and under-developed areas of Pakistan, girls are liberated and getting the education. The situation is not this much worse in the country that girls would start disguising as boys for survival. Pakistan Women Cricket Team do have players from all kinds of areas of Pakististan, and it is doing wonders for women. Also, many sports galas are held in these tribal areas too, and sports is not discouraged in the tribal areas as much as Maria stated. The women from tribal areas are also doing wonders in the academic field. Recently a girl from FATA named, Zarmina Wazir, secured the first position in CSS exam throughout FATA. So how could a girl from the same area had started disguising as a boy for survival?

However, there are more guns than people in the US with loose gun laws and number one at selling arms to the world. But why Waziristan is to be maligned and not America? Girls are being harassed in Europen countries too; still, they manage to achieve their ends, but we haven’t seen the Europeans abusing their countries for the sake of strengthening and supporting their success story.

We need to address our problems within the country and try to work on them rather than using them to malign the country on International forums. The fake Pakistani liberals out there in European countries and Pakistan too are always up to criticizing and slandering the country by using such stories, and Maria merely became their tool. People these days have set this trend to malign their country in order to gain sympathy and fame, plus, any of the foreign country’s nationality as Malala’s case is not unknown to anyone.

3 thoughts on “Maria Wazir, famous Squash player, maligns Pakistan in her success story”

  1. This is fact, when a low level of people recieved high acknowledgement , he / she cant absorb it. …….. Kuttay ko ghi Hazm nhi hota.

  2. A very sorry state of affair in Pakistan. These people are so much in love with West that they can do anything without thinking for once that they were born in the same country which they are abusing now. Her video tells that she was trying hard to adopt the English accent but failed miserably and couldn’t dilute her native accent. She just wants to follow the footsteps of Malala but not everyone get a bullet in the head.

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