PPP worker tortured

PPP diehard worker brutally tortured in Bilawal Bhutto’s Iftar Party

History of breaking fast in Pakistan Peoples Party’s – PPP Iftars is decades old tradition for its political workers. There are always incidents of mismanagement reported at the time of eating and serving food every year. However, this time PPP workers crossed all the moral limits. They broke their fast by beating another diehard PPP worker at the stage which was set for Co-Chairman of PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

As per reports, the PPP had given an Iftar dinner at Lahore’s famous Royal Palm Club. The Jeyalas were gathered from across the province in order to meet the top leadership. However, they got their feast when they got a chance to beat another Jeyala at the stage wildly.

A group of PPP workers tortured the unlucky Jeyala so brutally that it ashamed the humanity. They tore off his clothes and made him virtually naked. No one dared to come forward to rescue the poor soul who kept chanting the old party slogans ‘Zinda ha Bhutto Zinda ha.’

The video can be seen here;

Everyone was trying to wallop him and teach him a lesson that why he wished to meet the leadership. Those who were there to attend the Iftar said that unlucky man was attempting to climb the stage which was meant for the top leadership of the party. Somehow he managed to climb the stage to see his leaders, but access to stage cost him heavily.

The Jeyalas on protocol taught him a lesson and made it symbolic for others who might wish for a similar thing in future.

The unfortunate incident continued at the stage for nearly 10 minutes before the Secretary Information PPP, Qamar Zaman Kaira intervened to save the guy. He came on stage and rescued him from others cruel party workers. He had to pull the stage sheet (Chaddar) to cover the almost naked man. However, in the meantime, the mobile and TV cameras had already captured the scene.

Later, Qamar Zaman Kaira requested the mainstream media not to air the footage as it was very disgusting for the country. In fact, he maneuvered the situation in the name of the country to hide the wrongdoing that is the worst ever situation for PPP.

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  1. That is simply inhumane. But what we can expect from our political leadership. They are just not bothered about their workers who give vote and life for them. These voters should now learn lesson and should not chose them again.

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