Is the transgender community in Pakistan not considered human beings?

The transgender community in Pakistan is that neglected group of people which faces an extremely harsh attitude in our society.

Discussing transgender people, or more commonly known as khusray, is a taboo. We refuse to explain to our kids who they are when we see them on the streets, and we refuse to discuss them in our social circles during the general conversation.

Although the Government has tried to increase the protection towards them and increased their rights in society, this third gender still enjoys the least rights among all. They are refused education, work, and their families even disown most. This being the reason why they travel together in packs and groups.

A transgender child is refused the love of family and loved ones, he is deprived of the right to be educated in a public school where normal kids go to, and most often, he is rejected to be allowed to work in social norms. Models deny to work with transgender people, and they are treated almost with inhumane manners. Just recently, the Saudi government banned this third gender entrance into the country for Umrah. Is it entirely their fault, that they were born like this? God created them this way, and no one has the right to deny them their rights to live the way they want to.

Although certain Pakistanis are understanding and helpful towards the transgender community, it shocks us to know that several educated people are highly intolerable towards them. There have been cases where Doctors refuse to render medical help to them, and cases where these khusray are beaten up in public, yet no-one utters a word in their defense.

Leading transgender figures in our Society:

Some worth mentioning transgender people working in our society include Kami Sid and Aisha Mughal.

transgender community
Kami Mughal

Kami Sid is Pakistan’s first-ever Transgender Model, who made his debut in a photoshoot by Depilex, teaming up with Nighat Misbah as the makeup artist and Waqar J Khan as the fashion stylist.

transgender community
Aisha Mughal

Aisha Mughal is Pakistan’s first Transgender teacher, working at a well known local university teaching many students. It is heartwarming to see the acceptance of the transgender community into the field of teaching, and we hope it will exceed as time passes.

And now we see another transgender actress who is coming forth in one of Pakistan’s major music videos. Rimmal Ali wants to break the stereotypes about how the transgender community is only interested in being prostitutes or dancers. She indeed symbolizes the talent hidden in transgender people that our society chooses to neglect! To learn more about her, you can see it here:

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