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Cake Monster by Neha Umer is Baking The Best Cakes in Lahore

Birthday celebrations are always incomplete without a cake, and that’s why we have some really amazing bakers in Lahore who create magical cakes which not only look good but taste divine as well! Similarly, I happened to come across the Cake Monster by Neha Umer recently.

My sister ordered her birthday cake for her sweet sixteen from there, and let me tell you, I have forgotten how cakes from other bakeries taste like after I had Cake Monster’s chocolate fudge cake! To view what I wore on her birthday, you can click here.

This cake was filled by the softest and most delicious sponge, with layers of chocolate fudge that just melted in your mouth. If you look at this picture, the finishing of the fondant cake is absolutely beautiful. I have to admit; we were slightly skeptic initially because we were trying out this place for the first time, however, in all honesty, I think my family and I will get all our future cakes made by the Cake Monster.

Cake Monster is owned by Neha Umer, who holds a degree in Psychology. She hasn’t pursued Psychology after her graduation, because she says Cake Monster is the only thing on her mind right now! Neha is a self-taught baker and says that it is her absolute passion.

She started this business 3 years ago, back in 2014, when she only baked buttercream cakes and cupcakes. Today, in 2017, she has widened her baking horizons and offers fondant, fresh cream, and buttercream cakes and cupcakes.

If you go through the Cake Monster facebook page, you’ll find several different cakes those Neha has made from scratch. We assure you will be impressed! She will replicate any cake you show her, and she bakes cakes not only for birthdays but even for special events like weddings and graduation ceremonies.

Located in Lahore, the cake pick up place is in Defence. However, you can place orders on their facebook page easily. Neha is extremely cooperative, and she offers a wide range of flavors you can choose from.

Details about Neha’s cakes and their flavors:

The Standard flavors for fondant cakes are: (no extra charges for these – base flavors):

  1. Chocolate fudge with fudge icing
  2. Vanilla Caramel Cream
  3. Coffee

The flavors for the sponge of the cake include:

  1. Chocolate Sponge
  2. Red velvet sponge
  3. French Vanilla sponge
  4. Plain vanilla sponge

Extra fillings are available that you can add into your cakes to make them even more delicious! We got the details from Neha so it would be easier for you to go through them and order your cake accordingly. The fillings include:(the existing rates may vary)

  1. Snickers – Rs. 100 extra per pound
  2. Toblerone – 200 extra per pound (with Nutella)
  3. Cadbury Dairy Milk – 100 extra per pound
  4. KitKat – 100 extra per pound
  5. Twix – 150 extra per pound
  6. Ferrero Rocher – 250 extra per pound (with Nutella)
  7. Mars – 150 extra per pound.
  8. Peaches – 100 extra per pound
  9. Cherries – 100 extra per pound
  10. Pineapples – 100 extra per pound
  11. Cream cheese – 150 extra per pound
  12. Nutella – 100 extra per pound
  13. Strawberries (seasonal) – 200 extra per pound
  14. Maltesers – 150 extra per pound

For Buttercream cakes only, the Icings available:

  1. Vanilla buttercream(inherently sweet)
  2. Peanut buttercream
  3. Nutella buttercream
  4. Chocolate buttercream
  5. Whipped frosting

Chocolate fudge with ferrero rocher, dairy milk and nutella are her bestsellers

It’s incredible how her cakes look beautiful and taste a hundred times better. I would honestly suggest everyone give her a try, and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. And we wish Neha the very best for her future as a baker!

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