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Jeremy McLellan is physically in America, but his heart stays in Pakistan

After spending 15 days with the Desi people, it looks like Pakistanis have won over Jeremy McLellan’s heart, and he has definitely turned into a physically Pathan looking Pakistani at heart, and we love it.

A small flashback to his stay in Pakistan: He indeed helped 1800 people who couldn’t afford dental care themselves, he learned all the Pindi Boy jokes, he caught up quickly on out Khotay walay gosht ki Biryani jokes, and we thought he called his Kurta a ‘kutta’… but he confirmed to us that he knows the difference.

Jeremy McLellan celebrated our 70th independence day In Pakistan with his friends, in the complete Pindi Boy style.

He even kind of low key roasted the Indians on their Independence day…and they weren’t happy about it. Looks like we’ve got Jeremy McLellan on our side, eh? He’s absolutely hilarious, and his witty jokes never fail to make us laugh.

He visited out Historical monuments and looks like he enjoyed every bit of it.

He loved the food, hopefully, loved the people, and he enjoyed his stay here to his full. He cracked some pretty kick-ass Prime Minister jokes as well.

Well, Jeremy’s back in the U.S now but looks like he’s not very happy. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Calling Pakistan his ‘homeland’, we wonder what the one thing that Jeremy loved the most about Pakistan was? Also, Americans are not very happy about what Jeremy said. Looks like he’ll be deported soon back to his ‘homeland’ Pakistan. Who wants to vote for Jeremy as the next Prime Minister? I sure know I do!

Also, we can’t wait to have him back in Pakiland, for more shows and more love towards the country. It was indeed a pleasure having someone as humble and great as him here!

2 thoughts on “Jeremy McLellan is physically in America, but his heart stays in Pakistan”

    1. Dear Qaiser,
      Thank you for your comment. Please note that this is a different platform than Mangobaaz, and Pakistan is a free country where people can choose to be in whatever profession they like. Just because we also write articles does not mean we’re copying another platform, just like Jeremy McLellan does not try to be Zaid Ali.
      We respect your criticisms for the sake of betterment, not for the sake of negativity.

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