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MARO Tandoors Has a Desi Menu; It’s Mouth Watering

MARO Tandoors is actually a project by four students of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, where they make deliciously mouth-watering naans and rotis (bread) for absolute amazing prices.

As far as I can remember, MARO Tandoors was the first place where I had a Nutella Naan.

You have to think of MARO when you hear about a Nutella Naan or Cheese naan with the filling simply oozing out of the sides! Uhh, so orgasmic for your mouth, I think I actually want a Nutella naan right now for myself.

As MARO Tandoors was a success, and everyone absolutely loved the concept, the team has decided to widen their offering to the customers. They now present to you their Desi Menu.


Girls… if you look at the following men, don’t be fooled. They’re not models; they’re not actors, these are the employees of MARO tandoors, they are a part of the MARO family.

Besides the models, here’s the NEW range of food they’re going to have at their tandoors now! We love their witty advertisement.

MARO Tandoors Advertisement
MARO Tandoors advertisement

The new Tandoor chicken at the Tandoors, we’re hoping we’ll be served with this chicken piece as well! *wink wink*

Sultan or Nawab? Doesn’t matter, as long as this royal seekh kabab is as good in taste as good looking this Nawab is.

How about a game of Ludo over some malai boti, soneya?

Let’s not forget their chicken Handi and Biryani! Is your mouth watering yet? Well, we really can’t wait to head over to MARO Tandoors soon enough and try the new menu so we can review the food and tell you all about the amazing taste that the team promises us!

Good luck to them with this new menu, and we hope the public loves it as much as they loved the naans of this place!

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