I’m pretty sure I’m not the only girl who’s ever been scammed online. Whether of branded clothes, shoes, or makeup products. It happens to everyone once in their lives, and that’s why I’m seriously opposed to the idea of shopping from online retail stores now!

You never know what you’re getting until you get the product. It once happened that I was actually scammed of Kylie lip kits from an Instagram page, who, after I confronted the owner, straight up blocked me! Well, that was a bummer.

Every girl is absolutely crazy over makeup products these days, and it’s probably all thanks to all those Instagram famous celebrities and makeup artists who make our jaws drop and go “Wow!”

Hence, every girl even in Pakistan’s been trying to get their hands on the new fashion of using high-end makeup products, and don’t worry, I’m guilty of spending thousands on these too.

But the question lies since we don’t have Sephora in Pakistan, where should we get authentic high-end makeup products from?


Well, I’ve come to you with an answer. Some 2 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to this online makeup page, La Viva Glam on Facebook.

After constantly trying to find authentic pages, and constantly getting scammed of fake makeup, I’ve got to say, I’m extremely happy that there are still some honest people out there. Sehrish Rashid, the owner of La Viva Glam, launched this page back in February 2015 and there are over 20,000 likes on it today.

The team orders their makeup products all the way from the U.S, and they get it shipped to Pakistan. After which, they sell it to customers willing to buy.

If you go to their Facebook page, you’ll find that they have almost every product from any makeup brand you can name! Whether a high-end brand or drug store makeup, they have it all.

The products are of course, fairly priced as well. Paying some extra bucks to get original products in return seems fair to us, and you should probably get your makeup from here instead of getting scammed by a page who has lower prices! Moreover, if you find a makeup product out o stock or they don’t have the product you want, you can always place a special order and they’ll deliver it to you on your doorstep!

Moreover, if you find a makeup product out o stock or they don’t have the product you want, you can always place a special order and they’ll deliver it to you on your doorstep!


la viva glam

The team has recently come up with a mystery pack, which has two categories:

  • One pack is worth Rs. 1500
  • The second pack is worth Rs. 1000

The charges are inclusive of delivery charges, and will include 4-5 full size or sample size products of both drug store and high-end makeup brands. Intrigued by what’s in these packs? Just follow the page and order yourself one!


I’ve personally been ordering my makeup products from La Viva Glam for over a year now, and in all honesty, I have never been disappointed in their service. The makeup products are always properly packaged, and they’re never damaged as well! Sehrish is based in Karachi, however she makes sure that she delivers makeup nationwide in delivery charges worth only Rs. 250!

Although the team hasn’t yet decided to launch an outlet for her business, we really do hope they do expand this business. Well there you have it girls, finally an online makeup page from where you can get 100% authentic and original makeup!



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