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No matter what I write here, I’m utterly sure of the fact that I won’t be able to jot down anything nearly as amazing as Safian Bin Rizwan, aka Sufi, who not only has touched the heart of hundreds who know him, but has inspired dozens of his fans who read his writings every day.

Sufi is a 19-year-old Business student who’s currently enrolled in classes at the Lahore School of Economics and believes that he’s a writer who’s stuck in Business school. But that doesn’t bring seem to be a hindrance in his love for writing.

Sufi’s writings don’t have a specific theme. However, one major thing we’ve noticed is the theme of love in his work, whether about a relationship, heartbreak, or a girl. Sufi writes so well that we ought to be jealous of the Senorita he writes for, but when asked about it, he says he has a hard time convincing people that he’s not clinically depressed or in love with someone.

He wakes up in the morning, and a sentence hits his mind, which he chants the entire day connecting with more sentences till he finally comes up with a piece of writing he can share on his Instagram. Here’s one of our most favorite posts:

Safian Bin Rizwan

But that’s not quite it. Sufi’s writing seems to be quite an inspiration for those who are still struggling to find what they want to do in their life.

Everyone who’s alive is alive for a reason, and better than lying in bed at the age of 80 regretting everything you didn’t do and the risks you didn’t take, it’s better to do what you love and risk it no matter what. Because life might seem to be out of control today, but ten years from now, you’ll probably be at a much better place. Reminds me, when you visit his Instagram, you might want to read his “Aged 80” series of posts, here’s one for you:

Safian Bin Rizwan

When asked about what Sufi imagines his life will be ten years from now, and he mentioned that he isn’t someone who extensively plans out his life. He doesn’t want to dream, because you can’t be stress-free if you bound yourself with a plan that you mapped out when you were 17!

“You’re bound to be depressed if you fail at something that wasn’t meant for you, you’re bound to be depressed if you.

Although Safian Bin Rizwan finds it really hard to detach himself from writing, he says its not something he would pursue in the future as a career. He clearly explains it to us as:

“Writing is like an extramarital affair for me, I enjoy it more than my marriage, but I don’t plan to build a life around it.”

You can read most of Safian Bin Rizwan’s writings on his Instagram @sufipandaslayer

Lastly, one advice he wanted to give everyone was this:

“If you smile and wave every time you see someone, even someone you hate, you’ll solve 90% of your social issues.”

We hope to see the Sufi talk on TED talks one day, when he’s older, more mature, living a happy and carefree life.

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