How fasting in Ramadan cleanse and strengthen your body

Ramadan – the one most awaited month of the entire year for Muslims around the world! In this one month, every Muslim is on his best behavior, and everyone tries to reap as many blessings from Allah as they can.

We offer our everyday prayers, we begin our fasting and maintain it throughout the month, we recite our Quran and the sense of brotherhood among Muslims strengthens. The best part of Ramadan is waking up for Sehri right before dawn. This is our pre-dawn meal, and we eat healthy foods as we prepare ourselves to fast for the remaining day. You need to take energetic and fulfilling meals so that you can remain active throughout your day!

As Ramadan comes to us, we are showered with countless blessings every second of our days! We become more pious, we indulge ourselves in the remembrance of Allah through Quran and prayers, our Iman gets stronger and Allah assures us that all our Duas will be heard and fulfilled.

However, as Ramadan is great for us spiritually, fasting is also great for a human’s body. Throughout the thirty days of fasting, the human body goes through a process of detoxification which cleanses the body from within.

1. Stage One:


A person can face weakness and suffer from headaches through the first few days of fasting in Ramadan, especially when it is summer. However, this is because the body is not used to of not having food for such a long period of time. But eventually, it familiarizes itself with this habit, and fasting becomes easier.

Moreover, in these first few days the sugar level along with the blood pressure of a human body drop. This is the initial stage of the start of the cleansing process of our body.

2. Stage Two:


Stage two of our fasting in Ramadan becomes relatively easier. After the first few days have passed, the body becomes familiar with the fasting process, and it gives rest to the digestive system. During this time, the digestive system mainly focuses on the detoxification of the body. Your organs start to repair themselves, and the white blood cells within you become more active towards aiding in the cleansing of one’s body.

3. Stage Three:


By the body reaches stage three, it becomes more energetic and active. The body has completely accustomed itself with fasting every day, and a feeling of being healthy and active is felt within you.

While you are fasting, a body’s healing process increases. Organs such as your colon, lungs, intestines, skin, etc. start to force the toxins out of your body. Similarly, the body repairs any damage cells inside of it.

4. Stage Four:


During stage four, which is often the last ten days of Ramadan, the body is highly satisfied with itself, and you will feel more healthy than you did before Ramadan started. Your memory and concentration will get better, and fasting now will be a habit.

By this time, all toxins have been removed from your body through detoxification. Hence, your body is able to function at its maximum capacity!

These are only some of the benefits that will take place within your body. Be punctual with your fasts, because not only will you be gaining spiritual blessings, rather your body will be healing which in itself is a great blessing by Allah.

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