Rukhsana Izhar

This Pakistani woman Rukhsana Izhar feeds hundreds of needy people everyday

Since there are many underprivileged and needy people around the country, Pakistanis always come up with new ideas of aiding their fellow countrymen. Same is the Rukhsana Izhar of Lahore doing.

Rukhsana from Johar Town, Lahore, every day feeds about more than 600 needy people.

The food is available 24/7 for everyone who wants it, and the process started years ago when after her marriage, she moved to Lahore from Karachi – the city of lights.

The new town’s environment was very different, and the woman found it difficult to adjust smoothly, resulting in her constant depression.

So, she started inclining towards understanding Quran and seek help from the Holy Book to fight her depression.

“I got this one lesson from Quran that Allah loves His people and loves those who love His creation too,” said Rukhsana to VOA Urdu.

According to her, loving Allah’s creation was to help and feed them.

Consequently, this inspiring woman initiated to provide food to people from her home.

In the beginning, there were only eight to ten people, but with time number grew to 600 to 700.

Though food is available anytime formal lunch is served daily for hundreds of individuals for about ten years.

The menu varies with days from veg on three days to meat and pulses on the other four days of the week.

The process is going on for years, and Rukhsana herself cooks the food every day with the maintenance of proper hygiene.

“Our motto is to serve Allah’s creation, and we do it by feeding them,” she further said.

Also, the exercise doesn’t stop at providing food, but she also runs trust schools in Lahore to educate the deprived people.

Furthermore, Rukhsana Izhar is a kind of micro-financing institution too as she runs the proper system of committees.

Many orphans, cancer patients, and jobless people arrive at her home and get helped by these committees.

“Many of the destitute people have built their own houses with the help of these committees,” the Pakistani woman apprised.

Rukhsana is training her kids for the same task she has been involved in for years because she wants to remain alive even after her demise.

“Mein mar ker jeena chahti hun ,Tum mujh ko zinda rakho”, she remarked.

Her son, named Huzaifa, already followed her mother’s footsteps and running a project called Rizq that provides food to the destitute and needy people.

She is not only an inspiration for her children but the whole country. Among many other courageous Pakistani women, including Laali, who provides mobility to people despite being disabled, Rukhsana Izhar is also a true epitome of devotion, courage, and compassion.

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