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Jeremy McLellan, the biryani loving comedian is absolutely loving Pakistan!

Jeremy McLellan is a stand-up Comedian from Charleston, South Carolina who has won the Charleston Standup Comedy Competition in the years 2015 and 2016.

He has a witty sense of humor, he loves Briyani, and he’s currently touring Pakistan. Its been a week since he’s been here, he’s performed 2 shows in Lahore and now he’s moving onto Islamabad to continue his comedy shows. Here’s his effort showing us he’s trying to learn Urdu!

Every night, Jeremy McLellan writes a summary of his days he’s spending in Pakistan, and Pakistanis are loving it. It’s great to see he’s enjoying his time in Pakistan as he’s visiting different historical sites, trying out Pakistani food, and he’s even dressing up like the locals. He seriously looks like one of the Pathans!

His seven days journey is Pakistani has been lovely, and here’s how he briefed it up:

Day One

Pakistanis are extremely friendly, and they’re always ready to welcome everyone for a treat at their house. Looks like Jeremy toured Purana Lahore on his first day here! Great way to start a trip.

Day Two

Jeremy’s first show was held in Forman Christian College, and he had a great audience. He shatters the stereotypes people have about how extremist Muslims are towards non-Muslims! We’re really nice people.

But we guess Jeremy’s scared of the traffic here… Oh well.

Day Three

Jeremy talks about our food! Its the best in the whole wide world, because it has a burst of tastes in every dish. I actually traveled to South Africa last year for vacation¬†and missed Pakistani food so much. The Pakistani restaurants there didn’t have proper desi food!

Day Four

More Pakistani pros! We love our families, men are more affectionate and expressive, and no temptations towards drinking.

Also, did he travel to Islamabad from Lahore in a rickshaw?

Day Five

Jeremy McLellan basically visited Pakistan in order to help assist a dental missions team to provide free dental care to villages surrounding Islamabad, who probably don’t have access to dental clinics. He met up with the team on the fifth day and had dinner at Monal.

Day Six

The team helped serve about 500 patients on their first day of work at the Ali Hospital, Doltala Gujar Khan. Dear Jeremy, please know that there are more female students in every university as compared to man, especially in medical and dental schools. Pakistani women are smart and keen on excelling in life!

Day Seven

Well, ever heard of “Angraiz tou aik dafa poochtay hain khanay ka, yeh Pakistani he bas dass dafa takaluf kartay hain”? Jeremy just confirmed it for us.

The dental team headed over to Missi Keswal today and served hundreds of villagers with free dental care. Unfortunately, Jeremy woke up sick today, however, is under medical supervision. He couldn’t attend today’s service due to ill health.

We would like to thank Jeremy McLellan, for showing everyone such a lighter and much beautiful side of Pakistan. We hope you visit us soon again, and travel to Karachi and the beautiful North of Pakistan as well.

Hope you get well soon, and best of luck with the rest of your shows in Pakiland!

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