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Trailer of Raees is just out speaking volumes about Mahira Khan’s role

The action packed trailer of the Shahrukh khan's Raees that stars the Mahira Khan is just out. The trailer tells a lot about the role of Mahira
Shane Watson congratulates Momina Mustehsan

Shane Watson congratulates Momina Mustehsan by saying Afreen Afreen

Australian Cricketer Shane Watson has congratulated Momina Mustehsan who has just joined the PSL franchise Islamabad United.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Should Nawaz Sharif be given title of “Sir”; Hearing in LHC

On Tuesday, Lahore High Court ordered the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's counsel to take come up with PM's reply on the matter of using the title of Sir
Basant in Lahore

Basant in Lahore; Is it really a bloody festival for Pakistanis

Basant has remained one of the liveliest events in the cultural history of Lahore. The Punjab cabinet is considering to uplift the ban

Aishwarya Rai suicide hoax; Hypocricy and blame games of Indian media

Who started the whole hoax of Aishwarya Rai suicide? it was not moved by Pakistani blog "outlook Pakistan" at least. Hypocrisy of Indian media again evident

Khazanchi Nath; Unique name of Indian baby born in bank

As an aftereffect of demonetization, the queues outside the banks were long enough for a pregnant mum to give birth to the "Khazanchi Nath".

Bachchan family yet to deny ‘suicide attempt’ of Aishwarya Rai

Bachchan family is observing suspicious silence over the Aishwarya Rai suicidal hoax. we all know that Aishwarya is having troubled marriage recently.
Member KPK Assembly on four marriages

How to have Four marriages; woman from KPK reveals a unique formula

A woman member of KPK assembly has just given a piece of advice to those who are looking forward to having four marriages in their life.

How viewers responded to Deepika Padukone’s astounding black dress

Deepika Padukone's unique and rather shocking look at the red carpet of Star Screen Awards created a huge buzz on social media.

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